We offer a UK Company formation with a lot of benefits.





Fast, without red tape and low cost.
Start work without capital.
Access to credit institutes and investors worldwide.



One of the most reliable corporate infrastructures in the world
A stable legal and fiscal framework which is highly conducive to growth.
The ability to set up branches in Greece, and in all the countries of the European Union.
A great reduction of red tape.



The dissolution of the company is easy and painless



Basic package € 2,200 plus VAT

The Basic Package includes the following services:

  • Processing Formation is realized within 4 working hours.
  • Control over choice of name
  • Preparation of written reports, documents and registration forms.
  • Entries in company books.
  • Payment of contributions.
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • A Registered Office in England
  • Mail handling company documents by electronic mail (e-mail)
  • Company documentation sent by email
  • Mail handling via post office.
  • Company stamp
  • Company Seal
  • Standard office services which includes a reputable address, which complies with the banks’ standards, where we receive the mail and courier deliveries. We can send worldwide with additional charge. Furthermore, a mobile phone number is also provided.


Recurring costs – the second year.

  • Renewal of company services € 100
  • Maintaining English base € 240


The Limited company is required to maintain headquarters in England, where the authorities may send documents relating to the operation of Company
(Companies house, HM Revenue and Customs, Bank etc …)

  • The Company Secretary

Private Limited Companies no longer have to designate a Company Secretary
(Companies Act 2006), however, this means that the Directors will be responsible for the smooth running of the company with regard to the obligations of the Company secretary.

  • Annual Return € 150

Extra Services ( Optional )

Recommendation to English bank € 1000 (single payment / lump sum)


Our company undertakes your recommendation to British banks in London, via specific collaboration that our company has established with such banks as H.S.B.C., BARCLAYS, LLOYDS and others.

The range of services that are offered to you are:

  • Opening a Business Current Account.
  • The issue of Debit and Credit Card for all partners.
  • Cheque book
  • Free Banking Services for a year


Financial Counselling Services Ltd, does not receive information via the “TEIRESIA” service and does not take into account any debt with Greek credit institutions and organizations.


In addition, for companies that meet the necessary criteria, there is the possibility of funding from the STARTING A BUSINESS program.
Unlike Greece, which requires a huge volume of documentation for the evaluation of an application for capital/ funding, in Britain the Business Plan of the company and the interview with specialized bank executives is the deciding factor as to whether funding will be forthcoming or not.
The cost of such a Business Plan ranges from 3000-5000 € depending on the nature of the company.
However, with our company the preparation of the businessman for the interview is free of charge.


Accounting Fees


For the preparation of the Annual Reports of the company and the filing of tax returns with the British authorities (Companies House, HM Revenue and Customs), We cooperate with appropriate accountants based in England who are certified by ICAEW or ACCA.

While the cost cannot be predicted accurately because Particularities of each company is different, indicative values are given below.


Aggregate (€ 290)

Active company with a turnover of up to € 600.000 (€ 990)


For a UK Company Formation you will need:
A) One (1) identification of shareholders. For each shareholder ID (Identification Card in Latin characters) or passport or driving license.

B) A utility bill for each shareholder which serves to certify their address

C) The designation of the Director and shareholder levels.

D) Company Name ( three alternatives)

company formation


Offshore Companies

In recent years not recommend our customers establishing offshore companies, except for shipping companies, as their legal status very difficult for their trade in Europe and especially in recent times the tax relief provided by the ‘tax havens’ questioned as a deliver a more and more information to the authorities (tax authorities) from other states.


Also most European banks we work with do not assume opening bank accounts in offshore companies: “Due to requests from our major correspondence banks to stop operations with so-called” black list “offshores, we do not open account to the following jurisdictions: seychelles, Panama, Belize, BVI, Marshall Islands. Delaware. Shipping companies are exception, so if you have shipping company from Panama, you are very welcome to send us this Client. ”


The Forming of an Offshore Company


Offshore companies are the most preferred form of companies in order to achieve anonymity – personal data is protected and all operational data is kept confidential.
In addition, all the above is combined with limited liability and tax exemption.

All the companies which we offer are completely legitimate, and can perform their activities worldwide.

It is now well-known that although the cost of setting up an offshore is higher than the registration of a company in England or America, the long term benefits are far greater.

Offshore companies are not required to pay taxes or income tax because not there is no tax assessment or audit required by the authorities.

This means that you save on the cost of accounting, while, at the same time, earning a higher level of privacy.

Whether your company is idle or creating millions in profit, again, you will not be obliged to provide information.


Main Advantages:

  • Anonymous
  • Designated services through lawyers
  • High level of privacy
  • Limited liability without requiring capital repayment
  • Legal tax exemption
  • No income tax
  • No accounting procedures required
  • No reports required
  • No expenses for accountants
  • No auditing
  • No professional or accounting knowledge required
  • Business is conducted internationally
  • and much more


We offer the creation of offshore companies in all the credible jurisdictions.
Each jurisdiction given below comes with complete data, cost of formation & order status.

Although the fee for company formation of each jurisdiction can vary greatly, this is not representative of the quality, but rather related to the costs set by the various authorities.


List of Countries:

Aruba, Bahamas, Bahrain, Barbados, Belize, Bermuda, Botswana, Brit. Virgin Isl,

Brunel, Cayman Isl, Cook Islands, Costa Rica, Curacao, Dominica, Dom. Republic,

Dubai, Gibraltar, Grenada, Guernsey, Hong Kong, Ireland, Isle of Man, Jebel Ali,

Jersey, Labuan, Liberia, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Macao, Madeira,

Malta, Marshall Isl., Mauritius, Monaco, Montenegro, Nauru, Nevis, New Zealand,

Niue, Panama, San Marino, Sark, Seychelles, Singapore, Switzerland, St. Kitts, St.

Lucia, St. Vincent, Turks & Caicos, Vanuatu.


In particular we recommend the formation of a company in the Seychelles.

The Seychelles combine extremely stable legislation and a stable government with no registration difficulties -within 48 hours at highly competitive prices.
Formation expenses starting from only 1200 € .

Companies which are formed in the Seychelles are exempt from any taxes. Furthermore, they are allowed to engage in all types of professions, have clients, contractors, suppliers and employees from any country in the world

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