The Opening of a Bank Account

We undertake the opening of business bank accounts in the United Kingdom HSBC ή BARCLAYS ή LLOYDS costing € 1,000. In order for this to be achieved you will be required to travel to London for a few hours for the ratification of signatures and documents.
We will have forwarded all the relevant documents – you will only be required to present your passport and the original of a recent utility bill translated into English and certified by a lawyer in English. This will serve to verify your address.
We shall arrange your appointment in London on whatever date is convenient for you. The opening of a bank account in the United Kingdom requires 1.5 to 3 months (working days only) because you are not resident in the United Kingdom and the actions required to be performed by the international division of banks.
With the exception of the opening of a business account with HSBC London for companies incorporated by us.

Bank Account Opening through European based FCA registered Payment Institution.  The presence of the client is not required and he gets unigue IBAN number and online access to his account.


– Current Accounts (Private and Corporate);
– Prepaid cards;
– SEPA payments;
– Merchant Accounts;
– Pay-out Solutions;
– Billing System/Invoicing;


– fast account opening,
– many jurisdictions are accepted  including UK, EU countries, Hong Kong, Singapore, Mauritius, UAE and other popular jurisdictions.
– quick and cheap transfers,
– GB unique IBANs,
– acceptance of wide range of businesses
– remote account opening based on introducer relationship,
– comprehensive compliance approach,
– high cash withdrawal options,
– confidentiality and security and many more.

Payment cards

– Virtual cards for online shopping
– No-name cards
– Unlimited balance on the card
– Tailor-made pricing for corporate clients
– Safe online payments with 3D Secure

Each account may have up to 5 cards and each one of them has €2000 withdrawal  limit

Introduction fee: €1000

REGULAR FEES 2018 - Bank Account Introduction Service